About Us

Learn about the rich history of the Brigham Academy Center. Founded in 1903.

Our History & Legacy

Welcome to the legacy of Brigham Academy, founded by Christian and Peter Christensen. Our story harkens back to the inspiring journey of our Danish immigrant father, Lars Christensen, and our participation in a renowned orchestra that graced the dance floors of Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. The academy’s magnificent two-story architectural marvel, erected in 1903, once stood as a hub for dance instruction and vibrant social gatherings. Throughout the years, its purpose evolved, transitioning from a lively roller-skating rink to a charming bowling alley and eventually serving as the corporate offices for Thiokol Chemical Corporation.

staircase in brigham academy center
exterior view of brigham academy center

In 1953, a new chapter unfolded as it became the cherished home of American Sportswear. This
historic gem, though vacated in 1980, has been painstakingly restored to its former glory, honoring its
illustrious history as the birthplace of Ballet West. As we invite you to explore our rich heritage, we
celebrate our role in preserving the legacy of this cherished institution for generations to come.

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